Creative Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

In the surplus aircraft parts business, the speed and frequency with which a seemingly simple requirement can become very problematic is amazing… For instance, maybe that part that was believed to be sitting at the airport in Chicago, turns out to be lying in the New Mexico desert or some other remote location. We’ve an extensive network of couriers worldwide that we’re able to call upon in order to absolutely minimize any such delays.

Perhaps the required part does not exist in the surplus market, and is not even available from the OEM. Experience has taught us that many units can be modified to the required part. Perhaps the required part can be removed from a higher assembly in order to fill the demand. Or maybe an approved and interchangeable version is available.

Have you ever called a manufacturer that you’ve known for years to find that they’ve been purchased by a conglomerate or have ceased operations? Even new telephone area codes or distant time zones can create unexpected delays. Our centralized locale and the fact that we begin our workday early and end it late allow us to function as an extension of your purchasing desk – one that never “closes”.

We’re constantly updating our database with any new information available. The latest acquisitions and mergers are noted. Part number data is constantly updated as soon as any new information becomes available so that we can act most expeditiously and efficiently.