Locating non-stock parts can present issues. Let Great Lakes Global be your solution to these problems. Each day our sales team researches and collects details from the aviation spares market. We put information, experience, and our relationships to work for you so that you are able to focus on other issues of the day.

We’re familiar with the problems presented by spares requirements – solving them is all we do. With 30 years of combined experience navigating the dynamic spares markets, we have gained invaluable knowledge. We have learned that attention to details, hard smart work, and integrity are what make our business succeed.

  • Where to source the part?
  • Are the certifications in order?
  • Are the parties involved reliable?
  • Will it ship when and as quoted?
  • Is the price competitive?

We’ll worry about these things so that you can give attention to the more pressing matters. We understand the truth in “you’re only as good as your last job”, so our focus is making sure to deliver the very best combination of price, delivery, certification, and follow through at each opportunity, so that ours is the first name that comes to mind the next time!