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Our accreditation by the ASA-100 - modeled upon FAA Advisory Circular 00-56 - ensures that all parts supplied will meet the certification requirements of your Quality Department.

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  • Since our beginning, we've maintained a state of accreditation with ASA-100.
    This Standard ensures that all parts provided by Great Lakes Global will meet your Quality System's criteria.
  • Every part is traceable to an FAA certified source. Proof is kept on file for seven years.
  • All rotables are provided with an FAA 8130-3 and/or EASA Form 1. Serviceable and overhauled parts are shipped with dual release form 8130-3 and/or EASA Form 1. Other forms of release may be available upon request.
  • Form 8130-3 is often available on expendable parts. At the very least, the expendable items ship with OEM Certifications.
  • All parts come with a GLGAL non-incident statement.
  • All new, and freshly repaired /overhauled parts come with a warranty. We are able to facilitate repairs on our customers’ behalf, and submit parts to shops for warranty consideration. All parts sold have 30 days of inspection period unless noted otherwise.


  • 24 hour AOG – contacts available 24/7